Families and Carers

Here at Complete Care Services we understand that caring for a family member can be rewarding but also challenging for families and carers.

We also understand that it may not be practical for you to support your relative or friend. You may not live locally, have a busy life of your own or just don’t feel well enough yourself.

We can provide short term care and short long term care support to families and carers, to help you keep a healthy balance in your life.

Short Term Care

Whether your going on holiday or you would like somebody to sit with your relative for a few hours whilst you go out or even go to bed, we can help!

We know how difficult it can be leaving your loved one with new people, especially if you are going on holiday.

We would come and meet your relative before the care is needed and get all the relevant information from you and your loved one to make sure the short term care is exactly what they need. We can arrange for them to meet their support worker before hand to put your mind at rest.

The process for short term care follows the same steps as all other routes, please see the “What happens next” page. If you have any questions about funding the care please see the Funding options page.

Janet and Mary’s story

Mary and Janet are mother and daughter who are very close, Mary is 83 and has the early onset of dementia. Whilst Mary is able to live in her own home she needs daily support from her daughter Janet.

Janet is 58 and last year retired from her teaching job to look after her mum. Janet and her husband had booked a cruise for three weeks to celebrate their silver wedding anniversary, but she was worried about her mum. See how we helped.

Long Term Care

If your loved one needs longer help we can provide the long term care and support they need to keep them in their own home. At Complete Care Services we understand how confusing it can be when you first start thinking about using a care service. We also know that some people are opposed to it and think they can manage on their own, or a wife who thinks it’s her duty to look after her poorly husband!

Our staff are very helpful and will try and answer your questions about CCS including funding, mobility aids, medication or they will do their best to find out for you. We can arrange for a senior member of staff to visit you and your relative to have a no obligation chat about your needs and wishes. The How we can help pages and What happens next give more detailed information about the long term care services we provide.

Nora and Jack’s story

Nora and Jack have been married for 55 years, they have a large family and have led a happy life. In 2008 Nora was diagnosed with dementia, Jack and his family cared for Nora by themselves until she broke her hip in January 2010. After a stay in hospital Nora was transferred to a nursing home.

Jack couldn’t bear to be apart from his wife and visited Nora every day, until one day he decided that he wanted Nora to come home. His family said they would support this as long as Jack had some formal support. See how we helped.

To discuss your options please give your local office a call, we are happy to help!

For an excellent and caring homecare service please call your local CCS office

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