Nora and Jack Case Study

Nora returns home from a nursing home to her husband Jack with home care help from CCS.

The Situation

Nora and Jack StoryNora and Jack have been married for 55 years, they have a large family and have led a happy life. In 2008 Nora was diagnosed with dementia. Jack and his family cared for Nora by themselves until she broke her hip in January 2010. After a stay in hospital Nora was transferred to a nursing home.

Jack couldn’t bear to be apart from his wife and visited Nora every day, until one day he decided that he wanted Nora to come home. His family said they would support this as long as Jack had some formal support. See how we helped.

Home Care Provided

Jack contacted CCS and told us what he wanted to do but wasn’t sure what help he would need. One of our care coordinators worked closely with Jack and Nora, including meeting Nora and asking how she felt about it, and arranging home visits to assess Nora in her own home.

Nora was very keen to come to home, so we arranged this for three days a week for a few hours just to be able to spend time with Jack. Jack wanted a carer to be with them during the home visits in case Nora needed any help. The home visits were successful and now Jack is having some modifications made to the house to allow Nora to be more comfortable.

When these are done Nora will be coming home permanently with the support of CCS for 35 hours per week to help with her personal care and to sit with her whilst Jack goes out. Jack says “Bringing Nora home has given me a purpose to get up in the morning, we are both so happy, this would not have been possible without the help of CCS. They helped me with everything I just didn’t know where to start!”

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