John’s Story Case Study


John was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) 15 years ago, over this time his condition has deteriorated severally.

Care package

Johns StoryComplete Care Services started with domiciliary care for John eight years ago, with a basic care package of shopping and cleaning. Over time as his condition has got worse, Complete Care Services have worked to provide the care he requires to meet his ever changing needs.

Now John needs a large care package to meet his needs. Two carers visit him every morning for an hour and a half to get him out of bed using a hoist, give him a shower and get him ready for the day. John’s limbs are very stiff and fixed, so his support workers need to exercise his limbs using exercises specially designed for John by his Physiotherapist.

The support workers also feed john and administer his medication via a peg feed. John’s support workers also visit at lunch, tea time and bed time. Complete Care Services work closely with the district nurses, speech therapist, physiotherapist, MS nurse and John’s family. As well as helping John with his personal care we also do all of his cleaning, shopping and ironing, full home care.

John’s condition means he is no longer able to move any part of his body and struggles to communicate, because of this it is essential that John has a reliable team of support workers who know him very well. John receives a truly responsive domiciliary care service from Complete Care Services as carers will always spend extra time with him when needed, and support workers can phone for assistance if the hoist needs to be used.

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