Janet and Mary’s Holiday Care Case Study

CCS help Janet care for Mary and free up time for herself

The Situation

Janet and Mary StoryMary and Janet are mother and daughter who are very close, Mary is 83 and has the early onset of dementia. Whilst Mary is able to live in her own home she needs daily home care support from her daughter Janet.

Janet visits Mary every morning to make sure her mum has put clean clothes on and taken her medication.  She then rings her at lunch and tea time to ensure she has had something to eat and visits again in the evening to help Mary into her night clothes and prompt her medication.

Janet and her husband had booked a cruise to celebrate their Silver Wedding Anniversary, but she was worried about her mum. They had no other family and Mary had said she did not want to go into a home even for short term care, so Janet called her local CCS office and explained that she needed holiday care with someone to check on her mum whilst she was away.

Short Term Home Care Package

We arranged for one of our senior staff to go out and visit Mary and Janet to discuss a care package. Janet explained what she does for her mum now and Mary explained what she would like from the holiday care time with her. When they had discussed all of this and Mary’s needs had been assessed it was decided that the short term care package would contain:

  • A carer would visit Mary for an hour every morning to assist her to get ready for the day, administer medication and make Mary a sandwich of her choice for lunch.
  • They would call back at teatime to give Mary any help she needed to make her tea and then at night for 30 minutes to help her to get ready for bed and administer her medication.
  • Mary also wanted a carer to take her to the market on a Saturday morning; something that she normally does with Janet. This was also added into the care package.

Two weeks later Janet was able to enjoy her holiday without having to worry about her mum, she was able to phone her once a day just to have a chat! Mary was well looked after and enjoyed telling her carers about her life and her many amusing stories!

Mary really enjoyed the company of one particular home carer, so much so that she wanted the carer to accompany her to the market even when Janet came home! Knowing that her mum is safe and happy when Janet goes away has changed her life! She and her husband have now purchased a caravan and go away most weekends. Mary is happy with this as she likes the company of her carers. 

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