Charlie’s Case Study

The Situation

Charlies StoryWhen we first began to care for Charlie he was very depressed and housebound. His neighbours were helping him out by occasionally doing his shopping. Charlie suffers from Diabetes, his blood sugar count was very high, and he was not sticking to a low sugar diet or taking his medication regularly.

Homecare Service Provided

Charlie’s Care Team explained to him how we could help him manage his condition. We arranged a meeting with Charlie’s dietician and arranged healthy eating plan. The district nurses were also asked to notify Complete Care Services when Charlie’s Insulin is running low, that way the carers could notify Charlie and encourage to order new supplies from the Doctor.

Charlie’s support workers helped him research diabetes on the Internet, this gave him a clearer understanding of how diabetes effects him and what harm it could do if he didn’t take his medication properly or eat a balanced diet. Once Charlie had accepted his long term condition he could take control of his life, he manages his own shopping and takes responsibility for ordering his medication. Charlie now feels much happier and often goes out with the help of his support workers

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