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Care For People With Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities

If you or a family member has a learning disability, it is important that you have a good support network to enable you to lead a 'normal' life.

We can tailor a package of care to suit you and your needs, we understand that you may have complex learning issues that need special attention or that you just need some light support to be able to live independently.

Examples of how we help people with Learning Disabilities

We have a wide selection of care workers to choose from, both male and female and a wide range of ages and backgrounds.

Independence. That you may need just that extra bit of support to remain independent, such as having somebody to call round once a week to help with your washing or ironing, or maybe help with the cleaning.

Help at meal times. To assist with meal preparation or to make you a meal. Yourself or your family member may have a poor appetite and require a support worker to stay with them and encourage them to eat. Or you, or your family member may need help to eat; this is also something we can arrange.

Taking medication. All of our support workers are trained to administer medication in tablet and cream form. Some of our support workers are also able to administer eye drops.

Shopping. Our support workers can collect your pension and do your shopping, you can accompany the carers or stay at home; this is your choice.

Personal Care. Help and support with personal care such as helping you to the use the toilet or commode, help to get out of bed in the morning and washed and dressed, assistance to shower or bath, or assistance to go back to bed, then our support workers will provide you with a first-class service.

All of our support workers have been trained to use moving and handling equipment such as hoists, bath chairs and slide sheets. We can provide two support workers if it is required, or we can work along side a main carer, such as a family member.

Goal Setting

Complete Care Services does not just provide a "care" service; we are concerned with a persons holistic needs. This is why we have introduced goal setting; this gives you the opportunity to set your own goals, which our support workers will help you to achieve. These goals could be anything you wish, see below for a few examples:

  • Make yourself a drink, rather than having a support worker do it for you
  • Attending a social event; whether you need assistance to arrange transport or a support worker to accompany you
  • Finding pieces or equipment to make your life easier and ultimately become more independent
  • Practice walking small distances
  • To go to the local swimming baths
  • To spend time doing things that YOU want to do rather than attending a day care centre
  • Maybe you are looking to get back into employment, our support workers can help you
  • For more examples please click this link to see an example of a support plan.

NB: All of these examples give only a brief outline, in reality the support workers would take the time to work with you and break these down into manageable steps.

We understand that every person is unique and likes doing things there own way, our support workers will take the time to get to know you, your wishes and preferences. We will match your needs to adequately trained and experienced care workers. We appreciate there may be a need for only a small group of support workers and do our utmost to accommodate you.

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